Each team member and mentor will receive a team jacket to fill with badges earned from their time spent with Team 2207. Hover over the images below
to check out the badges you can earn!

Team 2207

A patch with our team number resides on the upper back of the team jacket while a team logo patch sits in the middle of the back. Both can be used to align other badges by intermeshing the gear teeth.

Team Members

Each team member (non-captain) will be awarded a new "Member" badge on a yearly basis. The best way to fill up your team jacket with awards is to start your robotics career as early as possible.


Each season, captains are voted on by the students and mentors of Team 2207. Captains are awarded a "Captain" badge for each year that they serve.


Mentors receive a "Mentor" badge for each year they serve as mentor to the team. Technical and non-technical mentors are welcome. Once students graduate from high school, they are elligible to mentor.


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