Brian Keck is a firmware engineer at Medtronic PLC.  He is the main mentor for teaching the LabView programming.  He is also quite handy mechanically and helps out with Creo (CAD) when needed.
Del Nyren is a technical education teacher at White Bear Lake Area High School (South Campus). He has been a very active mentor/coach for the last four years, and has offered many safety training sessions to the team in previous years.
Jake Popp is a material scientist at Medtronic PLC and has been a mentor for the team since its inception.  He is a strong motivator and usually works with the team to develop the chassis for the robot.  At competition, he is most often found on the field giving support to the drive team.
Joe (J) Viavattine started the robotics team at WBL when being recruited to help mentor other MN teams in 2007. Medtronic was gracious enough to support another at that time and worked with the school administration to kick off the team.  He is chemical engineer at Medtronic PLC in their battery technology group.
Joe (R) Viavattine has been mentoring for the team since starting at the University of Minnesota in mechanical engineering.  In his senior year on the team, the mentors were given a grant by PTC to use Creo to CAD the robot. Creo was a new package to the mentors.  Joe (J) and Brian worked closely with Joe (R) to learn the software and make it a success for the team.  Creo has been used since and will continue to be used.  Joe has continued to learn and progress towards mastery of Creo.  He has held group and individual training sessions for Creo.