Team 2007

This was our rookie year when we were one of 16 teams in Minnesota.  Since there were no Minnesota regionals at the time, we traveled to Milwaukee to the Wisconsin Regional.  Our match results can be found here.

Captains: Spenser Anderson, Jose Meregote
Drivers: Andy Sherrill, Kristy Williams
Team 2008

In 2008, the Minnesota Regional was held at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus.  We ended up being selected for the championship rounds and lost in the semifinal matches.

Captains: Erik Weigel, Nicole Cahill
Drivers: Chris Stolte, Erik Weigel
Human player: Megan Haechral

In 2009, Minnesota added a second regional.  The Minnesota Regional previously held at Williams Arena was renamed the Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional.  From 2009 on, we have participated in the Minnesota North Star Regional, which is held in Mariucci Arena.

Captains: Chris Stolte
Team 2010

Captains: Beth Motley (head), Grace Hagen (marketing),
Megan Haechral (electrical/programming), Alex Best (competition), Liz Iverson (mechanical)
Drivers: Claire Toupal
Team 2011 - Lost picture

Captain: Dylan Wogensen
Minibot Design Lead: Laurel DiSera
Team 2012

Captains: Laurel DiSera (head), Joe Viavattine (design),
Dylan DuFresne (CAD), Emily Dalhoff (marketing), Andy Parent (electrical), Wyatt Huot (mechanical), Alex Carlson (programming)
Drivers: Wyatt Huot, Justin Brill
Human Player: Andrew Gardner
Team 2013

Captains: Justin Brill, Joe Viavattine
Drivers: Justin Brill, Joe Viavattine
Human Player: Emily Dalhoff
Team 2014

Captains: Rishika Quick (marketing), James Farrell (competition), Allen Smith (chassis), Ryan Brockette (mechanism)
Team 2015

Captains: Zach O'Brien, Brianna Wogensen, Ruby Birckelbaw
Team 2016
Picture will be updated later

Captains: Ruby Birckelbaw, Jacob Dalhoff